Travel Lifestyle

To me, travel is not only about flying half-way across the world to go to faraway and exotic places. It is also discovering or re-discovering what is around you, exploring with enthusiasm your own neighbourhood, city, region or country. It is looking at the world with wonder and delighting in the little things that make life beautiful.

In these pages, you’ll find everything that to me reflects a lifestyle of travelling:

Little Adventures

Making everything in life an adventure, from walks around your local park to visiting museums or exploring your neighbourhood.

Travel Tips

Because travelling also means preparing your trips in the best way possible, which includes planning, budget or accommodation.

Travel Stories

Some random or fun stories from my own trips I want to remember, from bad travel experiences to checking things off my bucket list.

Creating Memories

Practical tips on how to capture your travel experiences and memories, how to make a moment memorable or how to keep your travel journal.

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