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Monthly review – December 2020

Even though it is a cold month, December is nevertheless one of my favourites of the year: it is festive and feels very cosy, and the holidays, even though they were different this year, are, at the very least, a nice break! On top of it, the days start getting longer, and the new year approaching always brings some hope. My favourite things about this month: The festive vibe: even though there weren’t Christmas markets in Belgium this year, the streets and shops were still nicely decorated, as well as individual houses. In my own flat, I put up cute fairy lights everywhere – you never have too much of them – and streamed a fireplace video from Youtube almost all the time, it was so cosy! Indulging… in gingerbread cookies, spiced drinks and festive biscuits. You can obviously do this all year round, but I was extra motivated this month – and it also made my home smell amazing, which is always a good thing. The holidays also gave me more time to read …

Christmas markets in Vienna

The first thing that gets me really excited about winter and December in general is Christmas and, more precisely, Christmas markets. There is something about them which makes me feel so festive and puts me in a great mood. Because of the pandemic, there won’t be any Christmas markets here in Belgium this year, so I thought that I would just dedicate a post to the most festive city I have known and lived in: Vienna. Each year, there are many markets to be discovered throughout the city, and each of them has its own specific vibe and atmosphere. Discovering them all was one of my greatest joys when I lived there, and I miss it a lot! So, get ready for some cute wooden houses, fairy lights, cinnamon and spices, delicious food, delicate ornaments and tacky Christmas mugs, with, on the background, one of the most gorgeous cities in the world! The City Hall: The Christmas market in front of the Rathaus in Vienna is probably the most famous and iconic. Not only it …

Sugar rush at a sugar shack

One of Canada’s most famous products is probably maple syrup, thanks to its amazing deliciousness and sweetness. So, when I went to Canada last year, not only my suitcase was filled with maple-syrup-based food, I also had to make sure to be high on maple syrup during the whole week I spent there. This was a success.