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[I wrote a guest post!] 8 Things to do in Seville

A few weeks ago, Ioana from the blog Smileyioana asked me if I would be interested in writing a guest post on her fantastic blog. She writes amazing informative and beautiful posts about travelling, lifestyle and also sustainability. There, you’ll find there great posts about Traditional Easter-egg decorating in Romania, Tips to live your best life, or even a Travel guide to visit Füssen near Munich. I was so excited and honoured by this opportunity so I gave all I had and decided to write about one of my favourite city ever: Seville. If you’ve been following me for a while, you might remember my posts about this beautiful city, where I talked about some of its specific landmarks. In the post for Ioana, I decided to list 8 of the most amazing things to do in Seville, and it made me miss the city so much! So, if you’re interested to have a look at it, don’t hesitate to check it out and also explore all the other great posts that Ioana published on …

Discovering Paros, Greece: best things to do in 4 days

Paros is a beautiful island in the Aegean sea that is becoming more and more famous as it is quieter than the most touristic islands, while still offering the quintessential Greek experience and landscapes: whitewashed houses, bright pink bougainvillea trees, charming and picturesque towns and, of course, stunning beaches. All of these give you the opportunity to spend a perfect holiday in Greece and the four days we spent there were definitely amazing!