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My favourite things about spending the Christmas holidays in Brazil

Happy holidays everyone! ✨ I am not currently in Brazil, and in fact I was there about three years ago, but I thought that since this post is going up on Christmas Day, I’d post a few memories from the year when me and my family went to Fortaleza, in the North-East of Brazil, to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. As Europeans, it felt quite strange to spend a usually “cold” holiday season in the Southern hemisphere, and here are the things that I loved the most about it!

Discovering Paros, Greece: best things to do in 4 days

Paros is a beautiful island in the Aegean sea that is becoming more and more famous as it is quieter than the most touristic islands, while still offering the quintessential Greek experience and landscapes: whitewashed houses, bright pink bougainvillea trees, charming and picturesque towns and, of course, stunning beaches. All of these give you the opportunity to spend a perfect holiday in Greece and the four days we spent there were definitely amazing!

10 days Cyclades itinerary: discovering Milos and Paros

When you plan a holiday to the Greek islands, you will have hundreds of different islands to choose from, and unless you have an unlimited time at your disposal, you’ll have to select a few to visit, leaving the rest for another trip in the future. For this holiday in August, we selected two fairly well-known, yet not-so-famous Cyclades islands: Milos and Paros.

My 2022 summer bucketlist

Summer is definitely underway now and I already have a lot of things to share, holiday plans and goals and vision for the time of the year, which is probably my favourite. I feel like summer is the time of the year where I have more time, I dedicate myself to my hobbies much more and I just have more energy overall.