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Celebrating spring: the Floralia Brussels flower show

If you’re not new here, you may have realised that I have a thing for flowers: they brighten up a gloomy day with their touch of colour, liven up a room with their sweet scent and they are simply the sign that spring, summer and longer, warmer days are coming. So, of course, it was almost my duty to check the Floralia flower show, right next to Brussels!

Chasing flowers

Finding beauty in the ordinary also means marvelling at nature’s wonders, and when you can’t travel to the other side of the world to discover something completely new and extraordinary, well you just have to find that little bit of magic in your everyday life.

Belgium’s Blue Forest

As with some of my previous local adventures, this new one is all about flowers and specifically about bluebells. These pretty purple flowers look like tiny little bells and were in full bloom at the end of April. They are usually found in woodlands and are typically associated with fairies and magic.