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The Dubrovnik City Walls

Dubrovnik is located in the Southern part of Croatia and is very popular for its beautiful location on the Adriatic Sea, perfect weather, beautiful Old Town and, more recently, for being one of the filming locations of the very popular show Game of Thrones. I visited back in July this year and one of my favourite things there was walking on the city walls that surround the Old Town.

3 days in Dubrovnik: an itinerary

Even though I only stayed for a few days in Dubrovnik, it really stole my heart. This not-so-hidden gem on the Adriatic sea proved to be the perfect mix between a sightseeing and adventurous holiday, and a relaxing and chill one. I planned to go to Dubrovnik at the end of July. It was my first time visiting Croatia and, more importantly, the first time I travelled to a new country since the beginning of the pandemic. How exciting! In total, we stayed for 2 whole days and 2 half-days (one afternoon and one morning) and, at first, I thought it would never be enough to visit and see everything, but it was actually perfect! The centre of Dubrovnik is actually very small and you don’t really need a whole day to discover everything. Here is what we did! Half-day 1: We arrived there in the afternoon and started exploring the old town by walking around the numerous streets, trying not to get lost. We walked up and down the main street, Stradun, then decided …