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8 Things to do in Linz, Austria

Linz is Austria’s third-largest city, although it is not as famous as Vienna or Salzburg. However, it is worth the visit if you find yourself in the north of Austria one day, or if you are a fan of electronic arts and modern art in general.  In fact, as a former European capital of culture and member of the UNESCO Creative cities network, its artistic and cultural scene is exceptional. I was lucky to discover it at one of its best times, during the Ars Electronica Festival, that takes place each year in September. Here I will talk a bit more about the city in itself and what I liked about it – festival aside: things that you can see, do and enjoy in this peaceful Austrian city. Enjoy the cultural and artistic scene: Granted, I visited Linz during a very popular event that attracted people from all over Europe (maybe the world?), so it obviously felt like a lively and vibrant city, despite what my Couchsurfing host told me! There are many museums and …

A week in Italy after the lockdown

One thing is sure, I definitely missed traveling during the lockdown, and a lot of what used to be my “ordinary” life was put on hold for a long time, either because of government restrictions or simply because I thought it wouldn’t be “safe”. Anyway, after months of lockdown I was finally able to go to Italy to see my family!

Exploring Prague in 2 days

One of the best things about traveling in my opinion is to immerse yourself in the place you are visiting and take in all the culture and history, enjoying the process of stepping into something new. This is best done by taking your time to admire everything around and, more generally, by slowing down. But sometimes, you also want to take in as much as you can and truly make the most of your trip, which can sometimes be shorter than you would like it to be.

Exploring Granada

Granada is one of the gems of Andalusia, that probably attracts even more tourists than Seville. Even though the two are quite close I found that they were very different, not only for their location, with Granada being further inland and a bit higher in the mountains, but also for how the city is structured and their atmosphere.