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  • Chasing flowers

    Chasing flowers

    Finding beauty in the ordinary also means marvelling at nature’s wonders, and when you can’t travel to the other side of the world to discover something completely new and extraordinary, well you just have to find that little bit of magic in your everyday life.

  • Belgium’s Blue Forest

    Belgium’s Blue Forest

    As with some of my previous local adventures, this new one is all about flowers and specifically about bluebells. These pretty purple flowers look like tiny little bells and were in full bloom at the end of April. They are usually found in woodlands and are typically associated with fairies and magic.

  • A morning at the Atomium

    A morning at the Atomium

    I’m not even going to talk about how long it has been since I published a local adventure and I’ll just quickly move on to today’s topic: the Atomium.

  • Autumn walk at the Park

    Autumn walk at the Park

    I haven’t written a Local Adventure in such a long time! To be fair, I was so lucky to be able to travel a lot and visit a lot of new things in the last few months, that I didn’t really have “local” adventures, just regular ones!

  • Lavender & Sunflower fields

    Lavender & Sunflower fields

    The South of France is pretty well-known for its lavender fields. The best season to see them is summer, usually from mid-June to mid-July, as they are in full bloom and haven’t been harvested yet. 

  • Poppy fields

    Poppy fields

    I have been pretty busy lately so I didn’t really have time to write much. However, I did manage to squeeze in a tiny “local adventure”, right before spring turned to summer.

  • Visiting Manosque

    Visiting Manosque

    To start this series of local adventures I will talk about last week’s visit of a town in Provence called Manosque. This town, located less than an hour away from my place, is famous because the French author Jean Giono was born and lived there, and most of his books are set in the South…

  • Local Adventures

    Local Adventures

    Last year I made a list of what I valued the most in life, the things I wanted to keep doing, or to do more of in the future. I selected a few things that were very important to me, and one of the entries of this list is “Adventure and excitement”.

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