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A morning at the Atomium

I’m not even going to talk about how long it has been since I published a local adventure and I’ll just quickly move on to today’s topic: the Atomium. The Atomium is this huge landmark in the North of Brussels, that can be seen from pretty much any high point in the centre of the city, which is the reason why I had never been there, even though I already spent a year in Brussels: I felt like I had already seen it since I can see it from my office window! Anyway, last weekend was a special occasion because some of my friends decided to participate in a biking race in Brussels, which ended at the Atomium. To cheer them up on their arrival we decided with other friends to kill two birds with one stone and go there to greet them, while seeing this huge building from below. Even though it is not in the centre, the building is easily reachable via metro, so it wasn’t complicated at all to get there. The …

Visiting Manosque

To start this series of local adventures I will talk about last week’s visit of a town in Provence called Manosque. This town, located less than an hour away from my place, is famous because the French author Jean Giono was born and lived there, and most of his books are set in the South of France.

Local Adventures

Last year I made a list of what I valued the most in life, the things I wanted to keep doing, or to do more of in the future. I selected a few things that were very important to me, and one of the entries of this list is “Adventure and excitement”.