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[I wrote a guest post!] 8 Things to do in Seville

A few weeks ago, Ioana from the blog Smileyioana asked me if I would be interested in writing a guest post on her fantastic blog. She writes amazing informative and beautiful posts about travelling, lifestyle and also sustainability. There, you’ll find there great posts about Traditional Easter-egg decorating in Romania, Tips to live your best life, or even a Travel guide to visit Füssen near Munich. I was so excited and honoured by this opportunity so I gave all I had and decided to write about one of my favourite city ever: Seville. If you’ve been following me for a while, you might remember my posts about this beautiful city, where I talked about some of its specific landmarks. In the post for Ioana, I decided to list 8 of the most amazing things to do in Seville, and it made me miss the city so much! So, if you’re interested to have a look at it, don’t hesitate to check it out and also explore all the other great posts that Ioana published on …

Exploring Granada

Granada is one of the gems of Andalusia, that probably attracts even more tourists than Seville. Even though the two are quite close I found that they were very different, not only for their location, with Granada being further inland and a bit higher in the mountains, but also for how the city is structured and their atmosphere.