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2021 review – A year of local adventures

This past year was obviously marked by the pandemic, and even though there was some “getting back to normal”, things still aren’t like they used to be. However, I was extremely lucky in 2021 to be able to travel a bit, see friends and go out, and overall, I have to say that my year was filled with adventures. 2021 highlights: Work and university degree: this year was very intense, including professionally. I got very rewarding news at work with an extension of my current contract, and also finished my university degree (the 2nd year) in astrophysics! I don’t talk about it a lot but I still feel quite proud of what I managed to do! Hobbies: I talk about them in every monthly review, even though it is usually to say that I didn’t have enough time for them ahah. Between learning to use a sewing machine, reading, playing the piano, learning Russian and painting (very rarely though), I did keep myself quite busy outside of my working hours. I love having all of …

Summer review – July & August 2021

I had been waiting for summer in Belgium basically since September last year but it was, sadly, very disappointing. The month of July especially, since we had rain for days, so much that the country was hit by disastrous floods. However, I was lucky enough to have some days off of work that I used to escape the cold weather and rain and go to warmer places with a lot of sun. I also took a bit of a break from this blog, so this monthly review will be a two-in-one that includes both July and August!