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The Outstanding blogger Award:

I think it was in my Travel Photo post that I mentioned Aiva’s beautiful blog: Our Crossings. Well, I will mention it again today, to thank her for her nomination to this award! Her blog is truly outstanding and beautiful, and her posts are incredibly interesting and informative, so if you haven’t done it already, please go and check out her blog!

Monthly review – February 2021

I said in last month’s review that February was one of my least favourite months of the year and that I was looking forward for it to end, but it actually wasn’t that bad, and it turned out to be a pretty good month with some pretty cool highlights! Favourites: Snow: We had some snow in January, but it was nothing compared to the first weeks of February when we had pretty heavy snow that stayed for days. Of course, here it never lasts a long time so you don’t actually have time to get tired of or annoyed by it, and it just makes everything feel magical, even though it’s absolutely freezing! Baby turtles: I told you last month that I had adopted a turtles’ nest through an initiative of two amazing bloggers… well the babies hatched this month and Markus and Micah sent me the cutest pictures of my baby turtles making their way towards the sea. I was so proud for my babies, and contributing to something like this made me want …

Monthly review – January 2021

The first month of the year is already coming to an end and my very positive energy from the start of the year is already wearing off a bit – yay! I hope you all had a good start of the year despite the world situation that hasn’t changed much. This month’s highlights: Adopting a turtle’s nest! After reading this post on Markus and Micah’s blog, I immediately decided to sponsor a turtle’s nest. Markus and Micah have the nicest blog where they publish really interesting posts on a wide variety of subject, one of them being climate change. I highly recommend checking their blog out – if you don’t know it already – as I’m sure you will love it! Through them, I adopted a turtle’s nest to protect the turtles in their region, as they are an endangered and very vulnerable species. I received pictures from the hatchery and I’m extremely happy to be able to contribute to this amazing project of theirs! Cooking and baking: I have tried many new recipes this …