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Monthly review – September 2020

This September felt both like a busier summer and like a cold October, but the “Indian summer” we’ve had at the middle of the month provided a much needed “closure” for summer, and I am finally excited for autumn again! My favourite things about this month: The last summery days: at the beginning of September, the weather already started to get colder, as if autumn was already there. Some days later, however, the sun came out again and the temperatures started to rise. I wasn’t really ready for autumn yet, but thanks to these last few days that definitely felt like summer, I’m ready to start this new season! Plants: I mentioned in one of my previews reviews that I was a very proud “plant mum”, and having new “babies” definitely lit up my days. I get extremely happy (maybe too much considering I’m talking about plants) when the sun shines and I can arrange my pots so that my plants get a bit of sun! They’re growing really well and I also managed to …

Monthly review – August 2020

And just like that, summer already seems to be over. For many different reasons this month didn’t really go as planned, but I still feel like I managed to enjoy it and take a much needed break from all the things I always feel like I “need” to do. My favourite things about this month: Summer: I always feel like if the temperatures doesn’t reach at least 35°C, it’s not a proper summer. Well, finally we got to very high temperatures, in the South of France and in Brussels. It didn’t last very long but I’m still very happy that I could go out in the evening without being cold! Renewed motivation: in the past few months I struggled to feel motivated for my side projects, which mainly involve language learning. However, somehow, I got super motivated to work on a lot of different things lately. This new impulse gave me so much energy and a whole dose of positivity, which is why I put it on my favourites! Eating out: with the warmer weather …

Sunshine Blogger Award 2020

A few days ago, I was nominated by Kae from Hello City Girl for the Sunshine Blogger Award! I recently discovered her blog and she has so many interesting posts on a variety of topics that range from activism to travel and lifestyle. If you are interested in any of these topics make sure to check her blog out, I’m sure you will love it!

The Lockdown Tag 2020

It’s been a very long time since I’ve done a “tag” here, so I was really glad when the lovely Kae nominated me! If you don’t know her blog already, I strongly encourage you to check it out, she really has a lot of great content!