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2022 Review – A bucket-list year

I’m always a bit late to the party of yearly reviews, but after very hectic holidays I finally managed to write up this review for the year that just passed by. For me, this post is about summing up this year and having all its highlights in one place, but I know reading such recaps can be draining for some, so feel free to skip this post entirely if you don’t feel like it!

Monthly review – November 2022

Even though I usually hate the month of November because it is cold and gloomy, this year it felt like the perfect break after months of travelling and a busy month of December ahead. I stayed in Brussels and had many quiet nights at home, as well as great catching up evenings with friends. While work was particularly busy, I managed to find a good balance between busy days and softer, quieter ones, and I am ready to tackle the month of December.