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Monthly review – October 2022

October is one of my favourite months of the year, because all the leaves in the trees turn orange and red, the weather is “cosy cold” – as opposed to freezing cold – and it is also my birthday month. This year, it was very busy but at the same time amazing! My favourite things about this month: My latest trips and adventures Hobbies and distractions: General thoughts: There were a lot of exciting and new things happening in October, in all areas of my life, and with the last two weeks of holidays I have mainly felt incredibly grateful to be able to afford and have everything that I do. These past few months have also been really busy and as this was my last big holiday of the year, I am also longing for calmer weeks and going back to a nice routine in my place. Looking forward to: How was October for you? What are you looking forward to? Also published in October of previous years: My favourite things about summer in …

My 2022 Autumn Bucket list

Already some weeks ago, the weather started to get rainier and colder, pumpkins started to appear in the stores, I seem to reach out to my blanket more and more, and sleeveless tops have been covered with chunky jumpers. It seems like Autumn is very much here, and even though letting go of summer is hard, I am quite excited for what this new season will bring – if it ever stops raining!

My 2022 summer bucketlist

Summer is definitely underway now and I already have a lot of things to share, holiday plans and goals and vision for the time of the year, which is probably my favourite. I feel like summer is the time of the year where I have more time, I dedicate myself to my hobbies much more and I just have more energy overall.