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  • The Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo

    The Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo

    When we visited Tokyo, we obviously went to see many traditional shrines and temples, walked along busy streets illuminated by countless billboards and ate a lot of food. But one of the most unique and peculiar things we visited was the Tsukiji Fish Market.

  • The Rikugien Gardens in Tokyo

    The Rikugien Gardens in Tokyo

    There are not many places that struck me as much as this park that me and my sister explored on a wonderfully sunny day in Tokyo, and that is why I think it deserves a whole post to itself. Not only this place seemed to come straight out of a Ghibli movie, it was also…

  • Exploring Shinjuku

    Exploring Shinjuku

    Shinjuku is probably Tokyo’s most famous areas, and one that perfectly represents the idea that I had of the city before actually visiting it. Shinjuku is exciting, thrilling and fascinating, mixing the ultra-modern Tokyo with traditions.

  • Short getaway in Osaka

    Short getaway in Osaka

    During my trip to Japan, a few years ago, I spent most of the time in Tokyo but I did manage to go on a very short weekend in Osaka, as a quick getaway, and to see a bit more of this amazing country.

  • 10 days in Japan: Tokyo and Osaka

    10 days in Japan: Tokyo and Osaka

    Two years ago, I could check a long-awaited trip off my bucket-list: Japan. It is one of the countries that I had wanted to visit for the longest time, but it required a lot of planning and saving. The day finally came and in June, two years ago, when I went on a 10-day-long trip…

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