Author: Juliette

My little guide to seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland

Also known as Auroras, the Northern Lights are one of the most stunning shows nature can offer, but also some of the most elusive and unpredictable. What causes the aurora borealis to appear? Where can you see them? When do you have the best chances of seeing them? Here’s my little guide to chasing the Northern Lights in Iceland so that you can too witness this unique and breath-taking phenomenon.

2022 Review – A bucket-list year

I’m always a bit late to the party of yearly reviews, but after very hectic holidays I finally managed to write up this review for the year that just passed by. For me, this post is about summing up this year and having all its highlights in one place, but I know reading such recaps can be draining for some, so feel free to skip this post entirely if you don’t feel like it!

My favourite things about spending the Christmas holidays in Brazil

Happy holidays everyone! ✨ I am not currently in Brazil, and in fact I was there about three years ago, but I thought that since this post is going up on Christmas Day, I’d post a few memories from the year when me and my family went to Fortaleza, in the North-East of Brazil, to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. As Europeans, it felt quite strange to spend a usually “cold” holiday season in the Southern hemisphere, and here are the things that I loved the most about it!

My Winter bucket list

I know winter is still not officially till the 22th December, but it already feels very much there, and the festive season has already started, so I decided to post this a bit earlier! As you know, winter is probably my least favourite season, but it does have some things that I love, mainly the festive spirit of Christmas and end-of-year holidays, as well as all the possibilities and motivation brought by the new year ahead.

[I wrote a guest post!] 8 Things to do in Seville

A few weeks ago, Ioana from the blog Smileyioana asked me if I would be interested in writing a guest post on her fantastic blog. She writes amazing informative and beautiful posts about travelling, lifestyle and also sustainability. There, you’ll find there great posts about Traditional Easter-egg decorating in Romania, Tips to live your best life, or even a Travel guide to visit Füssen near Munich.

Winter in Iceland – Things I wish I knew

It is not by mistake that Iceland is sometimes called the Land of Fire and Ice: with both volcanoes and glaciers, it truly is a land of contrasts. For this reason, winter in Iceland has a lot to offer, with breath-taking snow-covered landscapes and stunning glaciers. But it is also necessary to take some precautions as winter there is really no joke, and the power of nature is truly humbling.