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My Winter bucket list

I know winter is still not officially till the 22th December, but it already feels very much there, and the festive season has already started, so I decided to post this a bit earlier! As you know, winter is probably my least favourite season, but it does have some things that I love, mainly the festive spirit of Christmas and end-of-year holidays, as well as all the possibilities and motivation brought by the new year ahead.

I posted a Summer and an Autumn bucket list already, so I thought it would be nice to have one for winter as well. The point of them is not really to check everything off, but mainly to have some ideas for how to enjoy these seasons, make the most of them, and make them memorable.

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How did Autumn go?

Well, luckily my trip to Canada was the perfect occasion to check off a bunch of things nature-related, like to go on a walk in nature or check out the foliage. In Brussels though, I didn’t do much that required to be outside, like going to a museum, but I did make homemade popcorn with maple syrup and cinnamon, and spent many hours curling up with a blanket and book, with an autumnal candle nearby.

I also ate a lot of pumpkin-based dishes and watched autumnal episodes of Gilmore Girls – for a perfect cosy evening – as well as a scary movie, which wasn’t so scary (we watched Wounds on Netflix). While we did plan on watching an old movie too, we just didn’t get around to doing it.

Overall, I loved this season and feel like this little list really encouraged me to make every moment a bit more special, which is what I wanted out of it to begin with!

Winter bucket list

Now, here’s my Winter bucket list, with a mix of festive and Christmassy items, as well as more New-Year-specific activities:

1.	Put up some festive decorations
2.	Bake some gingerbread cookies
3.	Eat a cheese-based dish
4.	Take a walk in the snow
5.	Watch a Christmas movie
6.	Read a winter-themed book
7.	Write your 2023 goals or intentions
8.	Spend time with family and friends
9.	Play a boardgame
10.	Read a non-fiction book
11.	Go to a Christmas market
12.	Go ice-skating
13.	Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate
14.	Try a new restaurant
15.	Do a review of 2022

What’s on your Winter bucket list?

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Hey, I'm Juliette! I'm starting this blog to keep a record of and share my adventures. I love everything sweet, sunny days, fluffy kittens and people who smile. When I don't work I like to discover new places and try to learn languages. I hope you will find something that you like in here! ☼


    • Thank you! It’s not as amazing as your NYC one, but it still motivates me to enjoy this season – that I usually don’t like!


  1. I like that you don’t need to check everything off but it’s a guide for what you can and want to do. I always get so pressured from my lists! I am a huge fan of Christmas markets and have been to 2 here already hahaha.

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    • Yes, I can also get very stressed out by “bucket list”, that’s why I see it more as ideas to be more mindful of what I do and to feel excited about more ordinary things – that’s also why I only put realistic and “ordinary” things in there! How are the Christmas markets in Korea?

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  2. I hope you can get to some, if not all, of your goals on your bucket list! Alas, it doesn’t snow here in Los Angeles to merit a dreamy, snowy walk, but I’ll for sure be having a cup of hot chocolate (or two) this winter season! Enjoy yourself, and stay warm!

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    • I hope we’ll have some snow here in Belgium too, though it is far more likely than LA! A cup of hot chocolate is still an amazing way to enjoy this season!


  3. My daughter and I loved watching Gilmore Girls together; it’s such a fun show. I hope you get to check off most of the items on your list. It snowed here (Normandie, France) yesterday, so it’s feeling quite festive at the moment.

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  4. nice list! I checked off a lot of your list:) but I think I won’t do ice-skating. I don’t want to risk breaking my leg. I used to ice-skate a bit but that was almost ten years ago. enjoy the winter!

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    • Wow, that’s amazing! Then I guess you have done more than me ahaha 😂 I did however go ice-skating in Vienna, but I was really scared to fall so I understand not wanting to break your leg!! Enjoy the cosy season!


    • Hehehe, I have already checked off a few of these things but not all, though I still have some months ahead to catch up! Hope you’re enjoying the season too – though it is definitely colder on your side of the world!

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  5. Such a good list! I love the idea of trying out a new restaurant and reading a winter-themed book! Such a good idea. Can’t wait to read what you managed to tick off. Also – I love Gilmore Girls! So autumnal.

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    • Thank you! I wanted to incorporate things that were quite eash and didn’t need too much planning so that it wasn’t completely overwhelming! I’m so glad you love Gilmore Girls too! It really is perfect for Autumn!


  6. Weirdly enough, it’s been the monsoon season here in Malaysia, and even though we don’t have seasons, the weather’s been much colder than usual. So reading the items in your list seems perfectly apt. Like drinking hot chocolate, for instance.

    Anyway, if you’re looking for a cult classic (kinda weird) Christmas movie, why not try Trapped in Paradise starring Nicholas Cage? It’s a different type of Christmas movie, that’s for sure (like Die Hard, lol).

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    • Yay, drinking hot chocolate is much better when it’s cold, even though maybe the ”monsoon season cold” is probably quite different from ”central European cold” 😁
      I haven’t seen that movie and will write it down for next year! I watched a cheesy one on Netflix this year ahahah


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