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Monthly review – June 2021

I can’t believe we are already in July and I honestly feel like I must have skipped a few days of June. Maybe because I got to travel a bit again, maybe because the weather was so changing and it seemed like we got to experience the 4 seasons in a single month… Anyway, I am actually very happy about everything that I got to do this month!

My favourite things about this month:

  • Birthdays: since I couldn’t do anything for my birthday last October because of COVID, my friends and I finally celebrated it with a few drinks (and amazing presents), and a few days later a friend of mine got to do a small party for her birthday too! It wasn’t very big but it felt amazingly “normal”! I also got to fly to Italy this month for my dad’s birthday, and it was great to see some family again!
  • Summer fruits: one thing that I miss in Belgium are fruits and vegetables that grow with sunshine and warmth, and that didn’t travel the world to reach our shelves. So, when I went to Italy, my dad’s flat being right in front of a farmer’s market, we bought a lot of apricots, peaches and cherries, and we basically ate that all day every day. I am not so much of a “fruit person”, but these ones were absolutely delicious!
  • Seeing some friends again: with the COVID restrictions being gradually lifted, I was able to see my friends a bit more, eat out a bit more with them and discover new restaurants. Some other friends that I hadn’t seen in a while could also come to visit me in Belgium, and I was really happy to see them again! I hadn’t seen one of them in years!!

My latest trips and adventures

  • Going to Rome was obviously the biggest adventure of this month! I got to see my dad and some family, to enjoy the incredibly hot weather and cool AC, and of course the amazing food. Just like last year, I didn’t do much, even though things were pretty much back to normal, but I did go to the famous “piazza di Spagna” and also to a park that was really close to my childhood home!
  • Here in Belgium, I didn’t discover new places but I tried an activity for the first time, so I’ll count it as an adventure! One sunny afternoon, me and my boyfriend went to a park and he taught me how to drive a longboard. I was really scared to fall but didn’t and I think I was almost decent at the end! I still need a lot of practice though!

Hobbies and distractions:

  • Books: I finished the book Red Istanbul by the Italian-Turkish director Ferzan Özpetek. It talks about childhood memories and, most of all, love. It is short and sweet, and I really liked it. Now, I am currently reading Dance, dance, dance by one of my favourite writers, Haruki Murakami.
  • While I was in Italy, when we were waiting, in the afternoon, for the temperatures to reach an acceptable level, I watched two new series: Mare of Easttown, a crime drama about a detective investigating a murder in a small town; and Lupin, a French TV series inspired by the thief Arsène Lupin, a character created by Maurice Leblanc. I really liked both and would also highly recommend them!

General thoughts:

I don’t know how this month flew by so fast, but it is true that on top of having an incredibly busy time at work, I got to see friends, travel and do many things, so it’s really not that bad! I have also really enjoyed slowing down in the evenings and making the most of the long summer evenings that I love.

Sadly, I haven’t been as consistent with my blog as I would have liked to, but I am trying to not beat myself up for it and just go with whatever I feel like doing, without too much pressure.

Looking forward to:

  • Holidays: I still have some days off planned for the end of July and beginning of August, and I will go to Dubrovnik! I am beyond excited to be able to travel again and discover a completely new country! If you have any recommendations, please share them!!
  • A week-end away: At the beginning of July, my friends and I are going on a very short adventure here in Belgium, doing some fun activities and basically just enjoying some time together. I can’t wait!

How was June for you? What are you looking forward to?

Published last year in June:

A week in Italy after the lockdown
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Hey, I'm Juliette! I'm starting this blog to keep a record of and share my adventures. I love everything sweet, sunny days, fluffy kittens and people who smile. When I don't work I like to discover new places and try to learn languages. I hope you will find something that you like in here! ☼


    • Absolutely! I feel like I am trying to make the most of it and I have been on many (small) adventures! Can’t wait to have proper days off! Hope you are enjoying July so far!

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  1. Don’t beat yourself up for not publishing more, it’s better to accumulate material for future blogs. At least there is this monthly meeting. Dubrovnik will surely leave a strong impression on you, the location and the consistency of the architecture are outstanding.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I surely put too much pressure on myself for it and feel bad when there was little content in between these monthly reviews, but as you said I am gathering ideas of things to write about, so it is not all that bad! I can’t wait to discover Dubrovnik, and to share my experience in here! Hope you have a lot of nice things planned for July!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I have just revisited Luxembourg, Brussels and Amsterdam, so much has changed since my last visits, but overall a lot has been done to make things easier for visitors.

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  2. Looks like June was a fun month for you; so glad you got to go to Rome, as it’s such a charming city! My June was more eventful than usual, as here in Los Angeles, lockdown restrictions were lifted in the middle of the month, and I got to go out and hang out with my friends for lunch and at the beach. Also did a hike and tried plenty of food places in the area. Things are looking up, although I still remain cautious with COVID-19 and the Delta variant…I wish you a lovely summer of travel (yay!), and I can’t wait to see your adventures in Croatia!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so happy for you that you got to see your friends again and enjoy the amazing LA weather and nature surrounding it! It sounds like your month was great too! I am also still very cautious with COVID, and I really hope things will only get better from now on!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I’m so happy that I got to travel and feel very lucky that it is already allowed here! Thanks for dropping by 😊


  3. Omg!! I’m so happy for you and don’t worry youre not the only one that haven’t been consistent with their blog, same here!!!
    I miss traveling! Next week were planning to go to the beach hopefully it will push through. 😭

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s reassuring ahaha, keeping up with the blog + work + social life + other hobbies has been really hard this summer for sure! I hope your plans didn’t get cancelled, I am dreaming of a day at the beach! Thanks for reading 😊


    • Thanks a lot! I can’t wait to share my experience here, I feel like I haven’t talked about travelling a lot ahah! I wish you a great month of July! 😊

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  4. I totally agree – it felt like June just went by in a moment. I felt like I didn’t get much done either but as long as you had fun. ❤️
    Lupin has been on my list for so long – I’ll try to get to it this month. I watched two docu-series on Netflix – The Devil Next Door and The Biggest Art Heist – both were so so good.
    Dubrovnik – so exciting! I had hoped to go to Croatia in 2020 but well. I hope you have a great time. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, in the end, especially with the past year that we’ve had, the most important thing is to enjoy the moment without worrying too much about productivity, so even though I didn’t post a lot on this blog, I still really much enjoyed this month! 😊 Thank you for the recommendations of Netflix docu-series! I hope you’re having an amazing July so far!


  5. Same here, Juliette! Can’t believe how fast the month of June went by and somehow half of the year is already gone! I am glad to hear you had a chance to go to Rome to see your family. Overseas travelling is still a big ”no-no” for Ireland. Although indoor hospitality had not been able to open as planned on July 5th, the Irish travel industry is set to open on the 19th of July for those with digital Covid cert and the vaccination papers. We are most likely going to wait until the next year to travel outside of Ireland, but I’ll be happy to read about your adventures in Dubrovnik. Cheers. Aiva xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m sorry to hear that things are not going as fast in Ireland as here, but maybe it is best to be cautious, especially when it comes to COVID. I hope you will have a great month of July and that the easing of restrictions will go as planned! Thanks for dropping by 😊

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks a lot, Lashaan! I hope July is treating you well so far but, from what I’ve heard, it’s been very busy too! 😊


    • Yes, I loved celebrating my birthday in June, the weather is much more stable than in October, and this time bars and restaurants were open! Rome was beautiful too but really warm! Thanks for stopping by and have a nice summer 😊


  6. Hi I was attracted here by the beautiful house in the top picture. Do you know what it’s called?
    I visited loads of English stately homes when I was younger, especially Chatsworth in Derbyshire and Hatfield House in Hertfordshire. I tried to post about them earlier, but I don’t know how well it came out…
    I had a friend who used to take Eurostar trips to Belgium, Brussels, Bruges, etc. She said it was much more interesting than France. In fact I’ve heard tell that Brussels is the “hidden pearl of Europe”… is this true??

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi, sorry I am only seeing this now!
      The house in the top picture is located in Palmerstonlaan, Brussels (Belgium). Belgium is pretty underrated for sure, and Bruges, Ghent and Brussels are all very beautiful and interesting in their own way, so I am not surprised by the fact that it is called “the hidden pearl of Europe”. If you have never been there, I will for sure recommend it to you!


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