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Autumn walk at the Park

I haven’t written a Local Adventure in such a long time! To be fair, I was so lucky to be able to travel a lot and visit a lot of new things in the last few months, that I didn’t really have “local” adventures, just regular ones!

This time I am back, writing from my new home in Belgium, and as I start to get into some sort of routine, I start to plan out some local adventures. If you don’t remember what it is about, head over to my first post explaining everything!

I have left the beautiful Seville at the end of September to start a new chapter of my life in not-so-sunny Brussels. The rainy and gloomy days being quite common here, I basically run out of the house as soon as I see a patch of blue sky or, even better, a ray of sunshine.

As summer is really over now, I started to get quite excited for autumn and everything that goes with it: cosy nights, fluffy everything, warm drinks, and pretty walks in nature.

The weather had been so gloomy the first weeks that I really wasn’t motivated to go out. However, last Sunday was such a warm and pretty day, that I quickly put on a DRESS – yes, I couldn’t believe it myself – and went on a nice autumn walk at the park.

I went to the Josaphat park, after my roommate suggested it, and it was lovely. The trees were still pretty green, but some of them were already in full autumn mood. So many people had had the same idea and came to the park with their family, friends or pets to enjoy the day.

After a long stroll around the ponds and alleys, I sat down on a bench to read a book, and stayed there until the clouds made an appearance and the temperature dropped down a bit.

This short local adventure really got me in the mood for autumn and I can’t wait to explore more parks around Brussels, especially at this time of the year!

Where was your last local adventure?
What are you the most excited about in autumn?

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Hey, I'm Juliette! I'm starting this blog to keep a record of and share my adventures. I love everything sweet, sunny days, fluffy kittens and people who smile. When I don't work I like to discover new places and try to learn languages. I hope you will find something that you like in here! ☼


  1. I absolutely love the idea about local adventures, there’s always so much to see and do where we live, be it in a big city or countryside. Last weekend we went for a drive to nearby the Mullaghmore town and had the best day ever! 😊😊

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    • Yes, we rarely are tourists in our own cities or region, even though there is usually a lot to be seen there! The Mullghmore town looks amazing, I’m glad you had a great time ! And thanks a lot for your comment !! 😊😊


  2. Good Luck for the new adventure…and don’t wait the sun there to have local adventures!!!!! Each of us should explore with new eyes what is nearby … the problem we often forget about it!

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    • Thanks a lot for your comment 😊 Brussels is a very pretty city, and I’m starting to discover it little by little ! 😊


  3. Amazing post, Juliette!! Sunny days are the best, especially during autumn! ☀️Josaphat park sounds stunning — I love going to the park around this time of year. The fall colors are so pretty. Your photos came out super gorgeous! x

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    • Thanks a lot 😊 This park was really nice, and as you said, nature is stunning at this time of year ! Not too excited about winter ahah


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